Sacramento Dance Sampler

Founded by Lorelei Bayne in Sacramento in 2011, this annual event is modeled after New York City’s, Symphony Space Dance Sampler, with the goal of bringing together acclaimed professional area dance companies under one roof, for a gala weekend of dance! 

The mission of the Dance Sampler is to foster community growth by showcasing emerging and established professional artists and to expose audiences to the growing variety of dance in our region. 

Very Special Thanks to the Sacramento State College of Arts and Letters-Festival of the Arts- and the Department of Theatre and Dance for support of this project.


The mission of HATCH/ Dance Works in Progress is to foster new works from local dance artists, and to create ongoing dialog with audiences that enriches our local community. HATCH is currently an annual informal showing of contemporary dance works-in-progress by emerging and established artists. Immediately following the performance the audience is encouraged to engage in a feedback conversation with the artists.  

Very Special Thanks to the Crocker Museum of Art, for supporting and presenting HATCH since its creation in Sacramento in 2011.


Created by Lorelei Bayne and Diego Campos in Sacramento in the Summer of 2016, the SacChoreoLab provides an ongoing opportunity for local dance artists to explore collaborative artistic research in choreography, while also serving as an opportunity to develop the growing dance community. SacChoreoLab provides a vehicle to serve as an artistic playground where new ideas and questions can be born, shared and reflected on, in a collaborative, peer-to-peer setting. The SacChoreoLab culminates in an informal public showcase of works and works in progress.  

Very Special Thanks to CLARA in Sacramento and Sacramento State Department of Theatre and Dance for the 2016 Lab. The creators hope to host another SacChoreoLab in the future.

The company

Current Works

2018 Metaphor

2018 Impact 2.0

2018 Tempest

2018 Impact (Version/Two)

2017 The Gate to Breathing

2016 Fame Flip

2016 The Travelers /Spiritual Warriors

Past Works

Art and Life
Choreography by Lorelei Bayne
Music by Jun Miyake
Sextet for Women
HATCH, Sacramento Dance Sampler, PUSHFest
Instpired by the Print Works of William S. Rice
Special Thanks to the Crocker Museum of Art and Stacey Shelnut- Hendricks

Familiar Distance
Choreography by Lorelei Bayne
Music by the Brazilian Girls with Poem by Pablo Neruda
Quartet for Women
Special Guest Choreographers Collective-Language of the Soul
Movement Alliance, Grass Valley

Let Me Fly
Choreography by Lorelei Bayne
Music by M.I. Geezus
Performed by Melisa V. Cervantes
In Memory of Lynne Marie Ruse
New Moves Dance Collective

New Message
Choreography by Lorelei Bayne
Music by Chirs Cornell
Spoken Text by L. Bayne
For 8 Men and Women
Sacramento Dance Sampler, U-NITE

Light and Dark
Collaboration with Gong Yuebin and Nicola Trombley
Hatch/Works in Progress, Crocker Museum of Art
Performers/Collaborators-Tiffany Braniff, Chanthou Lam, Melisa V. Cervantes,
Katie Rogers, Jessica Gonzalez, Roxanne Payan
Sacramento Dance Sampler, April 2012, part of Sacramento State Festival of the Arts
U-NITE at the Crocker Museum

Nothing’s Quite As It Seems
Choreography by Lorelei Bayne
Music by Sade
Video Art by Kirstie Longden
Quintet for Women
Sacramento Black Art of Dance –New Beginnings

Small Pieces
Solo commissioned and performed by Lisa Ross, for Red Bucket Dance Theatre concert, “The Collection”
24th Street Theatre, Sacramento, CA

Learning to Fly
Shared Performance with Paufve/Dance for the
37th Annual Dance and Movement Workshop for Educators
Sacramento State, SLN 1010
Bayne and Randee Paufve are sharing
Artist in Residence position for this summer workshop, July 19-24, 2011.

Pedagogy Studies with Master Teacher Bill Evans at SUNY Brockport, NY,
June 26-July 2, 2011

Uncertain Weather
Duet performed by Lean Damasco  and Roxanne Payan
2011 Sacramento Dance Sampler
Hosted by Festival of the Arts at Sacramento State University

Trio performed at CSU Sacramento’s
Dance House 2010 Showcase and at the
2011 American College Dance Festival Association Conference
CSU Long Beach

Cafe Lorraine
Evening-length original work created with Melissa Wynn
Music by Christian Cherry
Dangerous Lorraines Dance Theater-
2010 San Francsisco Fringe Festival
2010 Crocker Museum Gala Grand Opening
2010 Company Season-Playwright’s Theatre, CSUS

Evening-length original work created with Melissa Wynn
Dangerous Lorraines Dance Theater-
The Guild Theater, Sacramento, CA

Take This Pink Ribbon Off My Eyes
The Solo Workshop
Produced by Paul Besaw
Flynn Theatre, Burlington,VT

Duet created and performed by Lorelei Bayne and Melissa Wynn
Paufve Dance’s 8x8x8 performance series-Berkeley, CA
Dangerous Lorraines Dance Theater-
Evening-length orignal work created with Melissa Wynn
2008 Festival of the Arts, CSU-Sacramento